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WED 4.3 - THU 5.3 - FRI 6.3 - SAT 7.3 - SUN 8.3

TIME-TABLE for all 5 days


Red Dawns is a D-I-Y festival, we do as much as we can with the means we've got. The festival is financed by an uncertain amount of public funding (we never know how much we'll get until the festival is over), lots of voluntary work and the support from artists and guests willing to perform or contribute to the festival programme for lower fees than they would usually ask for. But the most important financers are you! We want to thank you for visiting the festival and supporting it's existence. Every euro gathered by entrance fees goes back into the festival's budget. It goes without saying - we couldn't make it without you!

Most of the programme is still free of charge, but we’ve put an entrance fee on the events that are financially more demanding. To remind us and you about the fact that this festival lives and breathes with your contributions - financial and spiritual - we asked the Italian comic artist MP5 to make an original illustration for the festival ticket. That ticket is available for 25 € and it will insure your entrance to all chargeable festival night events.

See you there!
Red Dawns



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