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21.00, Menza pri koritu
Two performances

XXX do zore!

Liad Kantorowitz (Izrael/Palestina)
Noa Reshef (Izrael/Španija): Striptiz št. 6-9
Timi Mei Monigatti (Nemčija): Užitek kastracije - CANCELLED!


Liad Kantorowitz (Israel/Palestine):
Liad's performance is a mixture of cabaret, spoken word and drag show that uses a highly sexualized body for non-sexual purposes - and politics...

Liad Kantorowitz is part of the Palestinian-Israeli queer scene that crosses political as well as military borders. She is a journalist, performer and an explorer. In the past she was actively involved in the struggle against the building of the apartheid-like wall in the West Bank.


Noa Reshef (Israel/Spain): Striptease 6-9
Classic striptease leads towards an obvious climax in predictable ways. Noa Reshef's performance Striptease 6-9 interrupts this order and questions the climax by manipulating and estranging traditional elements of striptease.

Striptease 6-9 is a solo dance show in four acts. It is performed by super-heroine characters, and focuses on the power relations between the stripper and the audience. It examines different states on the axis between fully dressed and bare naked while re-searching power positions these states imply. In popular culture, there is a great similarity between super heroes and porn characters. They represent power and control not only because of their attributed supernatural powers, but also because of their great sex appeal - and their sexy outfits. Striptease 6-9 starrs four private super-heroines. Each is trying to take the advantage of her own powers and weapons in order to improve her seductive abilities. Their costumes are designed to support their performing and seductive skills. But unlike super heroes in comics and films, those characters can't lean on an animated solution or editing tricks, and they often have to reveal the mechanism behind their powers. The four heroine characters present four variations of striptease. The familiar striptease structure is used to frame the work and to connect all different parts with each other. Each character uses a collection of typical super-hero movements and poses as choreographic material to build her seduction dance. The soundtrack is original pop-noise or Catalonian "Cañas". It combines catchy melodies, appropriate to a strip or a cabaret show, with electronic disturbing noise, that disturbs the ambient and does not allow the audience or the performer to enjoy the striptease in peace. The result is a super power striptease that is interrupted by deliberate technical problems and thus turned into a complex dance; this dance turns clichés into choreography, and reveals a stripper that tries to seduce and communicate with her audience in any possible way.

Noa Reshef (Jerusalem, 1970) is a performance and video artist and a costume designer. She graduated the Jerusalem School of Visual Theatre in 1993 and has lived and worked in Barcelona since 1999. She directs single and group performances and creates video pieces, which have been presented in venues and festivals in Israel and over Europe. In her work she applies a diverse range of skills, from directing and choreography, performing and costume design, to writing and video editing. Her first and main medium is the live performance. In her stage-work she tries to create a complex image, composed of a unique choreographic language which manipulates productive movements and communication signs into a choreographic sequence; detailed costume designs that challenge the relation between body and cloth; a strong live-performer presence that is personal, exact and unique and is the essence of a live event, and poetic texts that mix cliches with associations, humor and rhymes.

Vstopnina: 4 €



Timi Mei Monigatti (Germany): The Fun of Castration
The performance artist Tim Stüttgen, drag queen alias Timi Mei Monigatti, can be seen as a daughter of the famous queen-generation in the seventies, the camp icons of the US west coast gay scene. But instead of permanently mimicking feminine clichés of glam and unbroken beauty, Monigatti sees in her program two different directions of reinventing drag queening from a queer new generational perspective coming together: on the one hand, deconstructing and thrashing the stylish surface of classic representation and intensifying the relation to bodies and objects (like in classic performance art practices) and on the other hand re-strengthening the bond with feminist politics.

Through seeing the act of queening both as a way for giving up masculine sovereignty and identifying with femininity as a performative politics where sex is a number of genders without an original. In her 25minute piece The Fun of Castration, which covers performance, lipsynch-drag-queening and live-music, Timi Mei Monigatti presents her practice as a rare connection to de-essentialise gender and reglamourise feminism, discuss the politics of appearance between masculinity, femininity and transgenderism. The final question of the piece might be: Can we lose a gender successfully and productively? Can through giving up power a new potentiality of sexual ethics and pleasure arise?

Tim Stüttgen (Solingen, 1977) is a theorist and artist. He holds a BA in Film Studies (London / Berlin) and is a postgraduate researcher at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. As a journalist (Spex, taz, Jungle World, Konkret, De-Bug) and theorist he has published on Afro-American and Asian pop culture, cinema, queer politics and poststructuralism. He edited a reader on Deleuze / Guattari (b_books) with Nicolas Siepen and also edited the reader post / porn / politics. He organized the Queere Kunst. Theorie. Politik. Workshop at HfbK Hamburg (with Renate Lorenz and others) and the symposium Post Porn Politics at Volksbuehne Berlin. Under his drag queen alter ego Timi Mei Monigatti (s)he has performed in Finland, Germany, Greece, England, Denmark and the Netherlands.



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