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20.30, Photon Gallery (Poljanska Street 1, Ljubljana)
Photography Exhibition / Opening

Luca Donnini (Italy): Insanely Great


Every portrait of Luca Donnini is a serious pursuit of nudity. In order that the game is a challenge for both, he searches for his models in those marginal areas of society, where the supposedly odd, the nude body, sex or perversion, sex change or an exclusive identity are no taboo but a way of living. And he doesn't lose himself between activists but between habitants of the marginal area who are, with the mere effort to be who they are - transvestites, transsexuals, shaved-head dykes, hairy teddy bears, tattooed, naked, fat and skinny men and women - defend a particular political thinking and a different way to be in this world.

It is impossible not to be confronted by these portraits and the narrative voice of the photographer that speaks to us through them. Halted where the "good ones" will never enter and causing that these lives stare at us through his camera, his way of avoiding sentimentality, sensationalism or mere social accusation fascinates. It is impressing that the portraits are the ones who ask: Che cazzo fai?

Committed to the tradition of the "new documentary style", whose most important and perturbing representative is Diane Arbus, Luca Donnini's portraits celebrate, like hers, the veritable aristocrats. Those who don't have to fear nothing anymore because they had to master the examinations of life to become who they are. And there, where before the defect of the freak or the monstrosity of normal people would have been pointed out by the flash and scared us, an understanding light reveals us the virtues of being different, and makes us fall in love with this variety.

Taken from Tatiana Escobar's essay
Marginal Epiphany - About the Photography of Luca Donnini



Luca Donnini (Rome, 1961) is a courageous photographer. His search for personalities that are going to be portrayed in his photography is guided by a mixture of courage, curiosity and desire. His elegant and always political thinking is expressed in his unusual presence of a highly involved voyeur. Luca Donnini has worked as a set designer for both cinema and TV productions. Since 1997, he has been devoting himself to art research and studied acting in Barcelona, Paris and Prague. He also worked with puppet theater. As a director, he produced videos, art installations and theatrical mise-en-scènes. The subject of his photographic work is the narration of the body that moves through gender identities. At the moment he is using a Rolleiflex camera as the instrument of his research.

Open until March 13th 2009.
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