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19.30, Gallery Kapsula (pedestrian tunnel Ajdovščina)
Art video exhibition / Opening

Art Video Exhibition celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Red Dawns


The exhibition brings forth the problem of human trafficking and sexual work from various points of view, including those of unprivileged social classes mostly consisting of women and children.


Aprilija Lužar (Slovenia): Video portrait Marina (video, 2006, 19'09'')
The first public testimony of a woman from Croatia who survived trafficking. The video is taken from Lužar's project Female Taxi, TAXI ART which includes a series of videos entitled The Talking Portraits.

Aprilija Lužar's work reaches into the field of political activism. Since 1987 she has fought for political rights of lesbians and gays both as an activist and artist through public appearances, photo exhibitions, performances and mobile projects such as Women's Taxi from 2002. The latter won the international V-Day Stop Rape Contest, initiated by Eve Ensler, US activist and cult writer of The Vagina Monologues as a way to promote and support inventive strategies for preventing violence against women.


Deej Fabyc (United Kingdom): Catch/Snatch (video, 1997/2002, 9'32'')
Video performance by the internationally renowned artist Deej Fabyc shows the process of changing her clothes from casual to work dress in the brothel's dressing room. The video is accompanied by the camera-woman's lascivious monologues that describe the process. The latter is continually disrupted by other brothel workers' presence as they are walking past the camera while they are performing their routine duties. The video was presented in Perspecta 99: Living Here, Now (Performance Space Gallery) in Sydney, Private Parts (MUMA - Monash University Museum of Art) in Melbourne (1998) and at the Starring Five Years exposition in London (2000).

Deej Fabyc is an artist who has been working with what she calls a "forenzic biographical" style of performance art. Deej is an artist who works in performance, performance installation, combined with drawing, video, photography as well as sporadic painting and sewing. She has exhibited throughout Europe, the United States and Australia since 1982. Deej is also Founding Director of Elastic Residence in East London and member of KISSS, The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression.


Tadej Pogačar (Slovenia): First World Congress of Sex Workers and New Parasitism, (documentary video, 2001, 21'50'')
A video document of the First World Congress of Sex Workers and New Parasitism, the first public manifestation of Code: Red project which took place at the 49th Venice Biennale in the Pavilion of Prostitution. The participating groups and organizations discussed the conditions for workers in the sex market and strategies for gaining workers' status and rights, especially techniques of self-organizing, education, self-help and protection. The congress included conversations, video projections, exhibitions, performances and documentary publications.

In his perennial multidisciplinary project Code: Red, Tadej Pogačar researches the problem of trafficking, prostitution and the survival tactics of those marginalized people who are shunned from the legal economy. Pogacar explores the self-organizing of sex workers and sex work as an important source of income for some marginalized groups. The project Code: Red actively engages with current conditions for sex work and seeks new paths towards changing the socially, economically and politically controversial issues around it. Performances and exhibitions that are part of the Code: Red project were, among other locations, also presented at the 27th Biennale in Sao Paolo, Brasil (2006).


Duba Sambolec (Slovenia/Norway): I Don't Remember, NoHomeVideos© (video performance, 1999/2000, Color & Sound, 120', performers: Duba Sambolec and Laurent Amprimoz)
A 120 minute long video performance. The author walks, blindfolded and carrying heavy luggage, in front of a big projection of a moving train, being led by the authoritative, harsh and tumultuous male voice whose only purpose is to get her from the screen, out of the picture. In a metaphorical sense, out of the public life.

Duba Sambolec lives in Norway since 1992. Until 2006/07 she was the arts lecturer and head of the statuary department in the Art Academy in Trondheim (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Since August 2008, she has been lecturing at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Her most recent projects are multimedia installations which include sculptures, ready-made objects, video performances, digital photo collages and sound. In mid 70's, her artistic work and participation in public discussions was considered shocking and provocative as it challenged the aesthetic standards of the time, defined by a culture in which male authors were dominant and more appreciated. Duba Sambolec claimed and created a space of her own already with her early work Ženske prihajajo! (Women are Coming!); a statue of woman on a motorbike from 1975. This piece is considered to be the first explicitly feminist art work in Slovenia. It appeared concurrently with feminist artistic practices in the US and Great Britain - and their specific reverberations elsewhere in the world.


Open until March 7th between 11.00 and 15.00.


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