Friday, March 10th at 22.00, Menza pri koritu



Slovenian philosophy student Irena Tomažin is more known as a choreographer and dancer who has participated in many performances. In Kaprica, her last solo dance performance, she began experimenting with voice. Original melodies, lyrics and voice materials from Kaprica further evolved in Irena’s collaboration with different musicians. Together, they reshaped those theatre-like materials into a specific musical situation which allowed and still allows them to expand their creative collaboration. Constantly moving between listenable music intermezzos and floods of sound, Kapricjoka represents Irena’s search for her own expression and musical vision, one that reveals emotional landscapes of her voice.

Irena Tomažin’s first solo performances Kapricjoke and Glasovanja premiered in 2005. At Red Dawns, she is going to be accompanied by Jaka Gale (electronics, sound), Rok Erjavec (clarinet) in Nino Djorjević (horn).

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