Vesna Eča Dvornik
Dance installation in a temporary space PRE-MIK

»Installation«: to inhabit and move into. To move your moves into a space and to inhabit time with movement signifies a lasting presence. The anachronism of time is followed by the anachronism of perception – of movement, body, viewer-performer, space... and the relationship between a choreographer and interpreter who meet in one person. Does movement belong to the choreographer or the dancer?

Dancers are invited to cooperate in PRE-MIK, a dance installation in a temporary space led by Vesna Eča Dvornik which will take place in AKC Metelkova. The workshop will last from Wednesday, March 9th to Saturday, March 12th in Menza pri koritu. PRE-MIK is going to be presented on Saturday, March 12th at 21.00 in Menza pri koritu. You are invited to the initial meeting with Eča on Wednesday, March 9th at 14.00 (also in Menza pri koritu) where you can obtain more information about the workshop.
Please, send your (free) applications to:

PRE-MIK is produced in collaboration with Plesni izziv 2005 (JSKD).

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