Vesna Eča Dvornik
Dance performance Opeklina

Thursday, March 10th at 21.00 in Menza pri koritu

Dancer and choreographer Vesna Eča Dvornik left Ljubljana in 1981 after she finished her studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Fim and Television and moved to Paris where she studied classic and modern dance technique, learned traditional Brazilian and African dances and, with increasing interest, learned post-modern techniques: dance contact and improvisation, release technique, body mind, feldenkrais, body meteorology, butoh, anatomy and kinesiology. She trained her voice with the Roy Heart Theatrom. She has completed many courses in composition with Karin Waehner, Jacqueline Robinson, Delphine Rybinsky, Marc Tomkins and other pedagogues.
In 1985, she graduated from the Choreography Department of Sorbona IV and in the 90's, she finished her post-graduate studies with a thesis entitled Figuration and Abstraction in Contemporary Dance. She is interested in choreography, intersections between music and dance, the perception of dance performances and composition with Odile Duboc, Stephanie Aubin, Susan Buirge, etc. In all these years she has been active as a pedagogue and has made many (mostly solo) performances which mainly focus on her own dance and human identity.

She won the EUROPE DANCE EUROPE contest which was curated by the French choreographer Karin Saporte.

Dance performance Opeklina

Concept, realisation, choreography, text: Vesna Eča Dvornik
Musical collage: Jonathan Harvey, Michael Levinas, Elvis Presley
Costumes and scenography: Helene Lepetit, Vesna Eča Dvornik
Duration: 50 minutes
Eča’s dance performances are neither conceptual nor representative. Her interest lies in physical states, language and the imagery within, evoked by this move or another. A performance is an encounter, a cut through the given moment, neither beginning nor the end, simply a movement, a change, a becoming... Opeklina (Brulure, or, in English: Burn) is asking questions that burn, hurt and leave a mark. Who are we? What are we? What is our nature? Especially that of a woman, a choreographer, a dancer. Is the desire to create and give birth exclusively erotic?
Opeklina is a work in constant progress. It premiered on the Zagreb choreography platform, Vesna Eča Dvornik performed it in ŠTUK Maribor and the Nous n‘irons pas a Avignon festival in Vitry-sur-seine, France.

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