Andreja Tomašević

Andreja Tomašević (1973) was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. She has been active in the local punk/hardcore scene for over fifteen years with most passionate and enthusiastic personal expression. Her first fanzine Shaved Women was published in 1991 and since then she has collaborated with many other local fanzines and independent publications and also contributed to alternative poetry collections. She has worked as a reporter for music magazines and ran her own radio show Thrasher on the famous B92 radio station. In the last couple of years, Andreja has been working with photography and collage. She makes collages using newspaper cut-outs, photograph clippings and original drawings. By juxtaposing these various sources, the collages become a rough reflection in the distorted mirror of reality. With time, her expression became more sophisticated: not only in the service of shock but an intelligent, critical and interesting narrative of life in today's society. She uses the iconography of contemporary consumerist society - the imaginary world of happiness, prosperity and "beauty" of billboard culture - and intervenes with details from the real world. So far, it has been shown in several group exhibitions within Serbia.

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