Yke Mouse – dj Yke

An original amsterdamer, plays drum'n'bass and jungle, entertains the Amsterdam underground scene almost every weekend. She is a part of the Chronic Soundsystem. She really kicks ass on the predominantly male drum'n'bass arena!

Monika Stepak – radio dj POWER VERSUS POWER <digital hard-core,ciber punk>

Based in Amsterdam, originally from Poland, a great promoter of underground tekno and all different inspiring sound projects which come largely from the DiY scene in Holland and elsewhere... Runs a weekly radio programme on a local pyrate radio, and organizes local youth initiatives around circus, acrobatics, hip hop culture etc. Moreover, she is a fresh record producer.
She will play hardcore sounds for you!

Maria – dj Maria Unleaded

Another inspiring female artist playing hardcore tekno and other mind blowing tunes. She also has her own »ki-tek« soundsystem and makes parties and djs in and around Amsterdam's squatting scene, collaborating with people and soundsystems from Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic.

Giugliana – vj NUNS WITH GUNS

Italian, based in Amsterdam. She is a visual performer as well as video activist.
Her speciality is the art project Nuns With Guns (NWG), born next to an Italian group of video artists known as the Church of Electrosophy and next to the English Mutoid Waste Co., which transmitted unique inputs that now influence the work and expressive thematics of NWG. NWG feels like being a post industrial delirious mystical video manipulator that will materialize art through video sculptures and images recycling. NWG visuals supported the most talented DJs, Live Sets and Performers all over Europe crossing Clubs, Squats, Festivals, Art Galleries and Museums.
A great inspiration for anybody who wants to politicize his/her own digital artwork. A Cyber Amazon who hates the State! Don't mess with her!

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