Experimental performance: Nylons
Authors: Sanja, Nika, Petra

Saturday, March 12th at 23.00 in Menza pri koritu

Nylons are a symbolic part of female identity. Through the history of nylons and our relation to them, through the many fields they are interested in (music, juggling, clowning, movement, humanistics and sociology), the authors will try to describe women's role in the traditional, fashion, ideological, consumerist and feminist sphere.
….since 1940, when nylons first appeared on the market, they have become one of the most important women's consumerist objects. Through time they have evolved with addition of different elements and forms, such as the line in the 50's, and so on, up until today when things and ideologies have become just another object on the supermarket shelf. Feminism being no exception.

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