Sarah Lunaček: Who works more?

Friday, March 11th at 20.00, Klub Gromka

During my stay on the Azawaka planes in Niger we, the women, dug holes to put up tents and walked far to get water. While we prepared lunch, the men enjoyed their well deserved rest in the shadow and I wondered how the work is divided here. I asked both men and women about their opinion on whose work is more difficult. It depends on the season, was the usual answer. Now that we keep moving it is difficult for women whereas men suffer more in the hot season as they spend whole days pulling water out of the fountain so they can feed the animals.

Even though my research focused on an entirely different subject, I did keep a side interest for the distribution of work. In my lecture, I will sum up my notes and video footage from different areas where Niger Tuareg live, both nomads and city people.

Sarah Lunaček is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist who working mostly with African and ethnographic film. Currently, she is a young researcher at the Asian and African studies department of Filozofska fakulteta in Ljubljana. She is writing her PhD and has spent one year among Tuareg in Niger, researching their perception of Europeans and the West.

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