Poetry reading with Katja Plut and Sara Lubej

Saturday, March 12th at 21.00, Klub Gromka

Katja Plut (1980) released her first poetry collection Lotosovo prebujanje together with Mitja Bovc when she was 13 years old. Do resničnosti izsanjan svet followed in 1994 and she self-published her second collection Dober tek! in 1997. Four years later, publishing house Goga put out another of her books, simply entitled Ej!. Her fourth release is scheduled for release later this year. She has been collaborating with MC N'toko ever since their challenge at the first slovenian slam poetry contest. Currently, she is working on her thesis which questions the freedom of speech and democracy as taught and practised in the Slovenian educational system.

Katja Plut's poetry will be accompanied by Gal Gjurin on double bass.

Sara Lubej (1980) has published her poems in art magazines (Primorska srečanja), the lesbian publication Lesbo and fanzines (Sirota Jerica). She contributed articles for the radio show Lezbomanija on Radio Študent and took part in poetry readings, most recently in Monokel for the 20th anniversary of the lesbian and gay movement in Slovenia. In 2003, the lesbian publisher ŠKUC-Vizibilija released her first poetry collection entitled Hladen pot. »Her poems are both intimate and political, her perspectives different and all engaged in the (sub)cultural margins of lesbian eroticism, poverty and punk. Sara Lubej writes rebellious poetry that deliberately challenges both social codes and grammatic rules. Her disturbing language becomes the metaphor for provocation, non-consent and a refusal to belong.« (Taken from the preface.) Sara Lubej will read both her published and new poems.

This event is going to be in Slovenian language only. However, all verbal interventions, improvised or read, are welcome!

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