The Komikaze Collective
Comics exhibition by Ivana Armanini and Dunja Janković

Tuesday, March 8th at 19.00 in Klub SOT-24,5

The Komikaze Collective emerged in 2002 and has since used their webpage to publish and archive works of sixty artists from ten different countries. Komikaze also publish a self-titled e-zine (nine editions so far), a print edition of Komikaze, and have released several independent and collaborative efforts: Stripburek & Komikaze, Veronika, Branilac, StripKrampus, Super, K&K, Zajedno smo ljepši, Komikaze, Bukomikaze, Kvarkomikaze, Skvot!kaze,… The founders and two of the most active Komikaze members, Dunja Janković and Ivana Armanini have also published their works in CD format. The Komikaze Collective has exhibited works and organised comics workshops in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and France.

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