Feminist debate

Thursday, March 10th at 19.00 in Klub Monokel

Violence against women
All Western societies have witnessed an increase in violence projected against women and Slovenia is no exception. Women remain the victimised object of violence both in their/our personal sphere (at home, in our families and relationships) and on the institutional level in spite of numerous violence-prevention initiatives (and legal provisions). Our discussion will identify diverse (physical, psychological and self-inflicted) forms of violence and question the thin line between violence and non-violence. (For instance, is the media-enforced beauty-myth violent?) We will view violence against women in a social context since we believe that the problem of violence encountered on the personal level cannot be seen as »just« each individual’s intimate problem. We need to raise awareness of its structural role where violence mirrors and reproduces society's attitude towards women and women's self-perception. As we have learned from the sixties – just not well enough – the supposed division between the personal and political is again proving false. An important part of our discussion will search for ways in which practical solutions can be sought in order to lessen the violence and improve women's position in society.

The feminist roundtable was formed by six students of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana who share an interest in feminism. In our discussions, we have so far focused on cyberfeminism, psychoanalysis and postfeminisms and have discussed problems women encounter in their everyday life, in order to gain a more profound theoretical knowledge and to sharpen our views. We also contribute to Agregat, the student magazine for social and political questions. The last issue was dedicated to gender issues. At our Faculty, we have organised a lecture about ecofeminism, queer theory and cyberfeminism as part of the Polituss summer school. We are currently preparing a summer school dedicated exclusively to feminism and gender issues.

The debate is going to be previewed by video projection of Cristina Capone's D....E (3'').

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