Dunja Knebl

Tuesday, March 8th at 23.00 in Klub Gromka

Dunja Knebl was born in Zagreb. She has lived in the USA, Indonesia and Russia. Most of her life she worked as a translator and language teacher, while her favourite hobby has always been singing folk songs from different countries. After discovering in 1993 that thousands of folk songs from her own country had never been recorded, she began interpreting and recording songs she found in books. Since then she has recorded six albums, participated on many compilations and been nominated for the Croatian Porin (music) award twice. She is the sole author and performer of two theatre performances where she sings songs from the countries she has lived in. In addition to performing in various concerts and festivals in Croatia and abroad, she also leads workshops where she teaches participants to sing traditional folk songs. Her repertoire is very wide, and now includes several hundred folk songs in Croatian alone.

She performs to her own guitar or small percussion, or in combinations with different musicians (cello, dulcimer, acoustic guitar, double bass, percussions, additional vocals).

Discography: Čuješ, golub, čuješ (Morje Kak, 1994), ...jer bez tebe nema mene (Orfej, 1996), Croatian Folk Songs from Međimurje (Trottel Records, 1998), Iz globine srca (Dancing Bear, 1998), Četiri frtalji (Dancing Bear, 2000), Da sam barem guska (Dancing Bear, 2002). She is currently recording her new album at home.


An autobiographic humorous monodrama with singing in Croatian, English, Russian and Indonesian

Why I Became a Public Singer at 47 or The Fear of Cloning

»With her singing and narration Dunja Knebl travels through many parts of the world while she is in fact describing her viewpoints, stressing the problem of how to remain true to oneself and be different in a world that is becoming more uniform, or in other words - how to 'avoid being cloned'.«
(Tin Kolumbić, Slobodna dalmacija, September 29. 1998)

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