Antea Arizanović

Tuesday, March 8th at 18.00 in gallery Celica

She was born in 1978 in Ljubljana. In 2003 she graduated from the High expert school of painting in Ljubljana, and immediately enrolled in a post-graduate programme for painting at the Faculty of fine arts in Belgrade. She now lives and works between Ljubljana and Belgrade. Since 1999 she has been granted a scholarship for talented students from the City of Ljubljana. In the past four years she has had many exhibitions all over Europe.

Exhibition: »Three drops of blood for the bride«
The exhibition illustrates the position of women in society. In some societies marriage represents a breaking-point dividing »a girl from a wife« and as such an important act in life, which brings along many changes.
Traditional rules of behaviour have changed in time yet the essence stays the same. The role of a woman has changed just partially, her sacrifice is still obvious and painful.

• 1. Biennale of Young Artists, »Visual Policies and Practices. Codes and Identities: The Violence of Image/ The Image of Violence«, Bucharest, Romania
• »Oktobrski salon- Kontinentalni zajtrk« (October salon – continental breakfast) selection Anda Rottenberg, Beograd, SCG
• XI. Internacionalno bienale portreta risbe in grafike 04 (XI. International Biennale of portrait drawing and graphics) Tuzla, BIH
• XI. Art Colony Szentendre, Budapest, Hungary
• » Coriddoro 8« selection Antonella Marino, Mavu Centre, Locorotondo, Italy
• »Belef«, video selection Jovan Čekić, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
• May POP Salon, Jakopičeva Gallery, Ljubljana, SLO

• Solo exhibition »Družinski album- identiteta« (Family Album – Identity), KUD- France Prešeren, Ljubljana, SLO

• 3. Balkan Youth Festival, Litohoro, Greece
• 1.Interbalkan Forum of Contemporary Art 2002, Museum of Modern Art. Solun, Greece

• 15. International exhibition of drawing, Modern gallery Rijeka, CRO
• Solo exhibition, Gallery SKC, “Iskanje Identitete” (Searching for Identity)

• 2004 Award of the May POP salon for young promising artists
• award at the Balkan Youth Festival in Greece

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