Alenka Spacal: Exhibition of Self-Portraits

Tuesday, March 8th at 20.30 in Gallery Alkatraz

The exhibition of painted self-portraits by Alenka Spacal in Alkatraz Gallery is conceived as an imitation of the household environment with drying laundry. Her ironizing self-images are painted with oil colours on kitchen cloths, which are exhibited, that is hung, on the clothesline in the exhibition area. In her feminist self-questioning, Alenka Spacal does not remain within the frame of her own femininity and, thereby, of herself as a female artistic subject: her self-images reach out beyond her biological sex. Through various motives, she plays with manifold representations of her own gender, trying to go beyond the established binary distinction of female and male sex, as is especially evident in her androgynous images.

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Alenka Spacal was born in 1975 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She received her BA in Philosophy (2001) and her MA in Aesthetics (2004) from the University of Ljubljana. Her interests include feminist art and theory. She works as an artist, fine-art critic and curator. She has published academic articles and written art critiques for radio and newspaper. She has attended various international conferences on aesthetics and feminist theory. Her self-portraits were presented at two individual exhibitions: in August 2004 in Lund, Sweden at the 5th European Feminist Research Conference: Gender and Power in the New Europe; organized by Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University. The Self-portraits art exhibition also took place in club Jazzbina in Ljubljana as part of the NOISE Summer School 2004 (Summer School in Women's Studies From Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives: New European Identities and Mediated Cultures: Revisiting the Politics of Location) in September 2004.

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