A theatre miniature for four women, five minutes for each, and for the fifth a five minute silence.
(a futurist existential comedy in sequences)

ME5X5 is a sequel of two theatre shows Matrix and Meštirix. ME5X5 follows the story first performed by three actresses and then additional fourth one. It's about a jewellery shop robbery and the loss of the main requisite, a woman's handbag with the jewels. Meštirix went on a hunt for the jewels and inadvertently got so involved in the search, that they needed a rest and a serious think about meaning of everything they did. They do that in ME5X5. Such thinking enables an empowerment and a new will for soon to be 100 in the city x to finally find the lost bag.

Acting authors: Mojca Dimec Bogdanovski, Mojca Funkl, Maruša Geymayer Oblak, Barbara Krajnc
Costumography: Alenka Globočnik Fabjan, Akultura in Marija Mojca Pungerčar
Shoes: Leonora Mark – ave femina
Scenography: Irena Pivka
Sound equipment: Brane Zorman and Jure Vlahovič
Lights: Borut Cajnko
Design: Tanja Radež
Organization and public relations: Katja Kos
Photo: Peter Uhan
Production: Art Association Fičo Balet, Ljubljana
Premiere: 8. march 2005, 20.00, Viteška dvorana, Ljubljana

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