Chewing gum electro trash concert

Lollobrigida Girls

Friday, March 11th at 23.00 in Menza pri koritu
Saturday, March 12th in Gustav, Pekarna Maribor

The duo Lollobrigida Girls from Zagreb makes cheap computer and synth soundtracks and uses them live as a foundation for their singing, screaming and dancing. Sometimes Ida and Nana add live synth melodies and when they feel like cutting their fingernails, they hit the bass strings as well. Their burlesque-like performances are a mixture of cabaret and concert. If you remember cartoon soundtracks and prehistoric computer game music, you will find Lollobrigida Girls' music strangely familiar. Their synth-pop matrix is highlited by ironic lyrics, projected and mixed live karaoke-style by VJ Kristina. Their flashy outfits and stage decoration will please even the most demanding kitsch fan.

Lollobrigida Girls have so far performed in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Kutina, Sarajevo and Bjelovar. From a theatre to a squat, from a bar to a pram and Dalmatian summer terrace show… In 2004, they released the first single Party from their up-coming debut album.

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