Drag king performance


Tuesday, March 8th at 21.30 in Menza pri koritu

Johnny "The Big Cheese" Mozzarella always knew that he would take the stage and the ladies' hearts. As a child, Johnny emulated the moves of John Travolta and of Ricky Martin. A natural »ham« on and off stage, young Johnny would hold neighborhood talent shows to showcase his over-the-top persona. Perhaps it is his penchant for hair products and obsession with »really good cheese pie« that makes him the toast of the town.

Johnny is a member of Portland's premiere drag performance troupe, DK PDX and also the founder of Cheesehead Productions. In his spare time, Johnny enjoys fine wine, dining, and serenading the ladies. Through drag king performance, Johnny Mozzarella (aka Maryanne Cassera) challenges the dominant cultural paradigm of gender. By performing masculinity on (and off) the stage, Johnny demonstrates how gender variance creates a mode for which the individual may experience liberation from stringent cultural mandates of gender expression.

Ricky Z. Starr was born in the big city, Chicago, Illinois. He grew up on the streets, was bullied in school, and had a mustache by the time he was twelve. He was a true stallion then as he is now. By the time he was sixteen years of age, Ricky looked like a man. He was even kicked out of school in his junior year for bad behavior and bad grades. Ricky’s parents renounced him and he was left only with his intellect and sweet sideburns. With that combo, he knew he could go places and become what every person wanted to be…… a star. Ricky never looked back on that taxing time in his teens. He began performing anywhere he could for funds. Clubs, the train station, the public library. His hard work paid off. The ladies loved him; the dudes admired him. You can find Ricky Z. Starr just about anywhere now: the night clubs, in a quiet cafe, and of course, like a true star, the sky.

Ricky Z. Starr, a veteran drag king performer from Chicago, Illinois, was discovered by Johnny Mozzarella at the local lesbian bar in Portland, Oregon. Ricky has since performed in several of Johnny's Cheesehead productions and is the elite tap dancing partner of the "Big Cheese".


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