This is a festival without a concept. Concepts are expensive. And spoiled – it's so difficult to please them! This is an unpretentious festival. A marginal one, even though we’re talking Paris and – for Christ’s sake – even Amsterdam and Prule! Rdeče zore is the space, the possibility and the power to create the conditions worthy of us. Worthy of our imagination. The creativity, the work and the mingling of the participants of Rdeče zore – whether they take part in the festival as performers, visitors, organisers or even don’t distinguish these roles – question the boundaries we take for granted, boundaries that don’t distinguish between gender but between people. The festival presents movement, sound and image, but also the stuff that is not so easy to describe in this way, but is nevertheless important in order to confront, meet and intercept the thought. So perhaps next time we can meet in completely different circumstances.

With the cry of an unknown song by a band no longer in existence – »When we move it's a movement!« – sincerely yours,
Rdeča Zora.

Regarding the name and history of the festival
»Youth« novel Die Rote Zora und ihre Bande

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