MC Podlaga, Sežana, 6th March at 22.00
Menza pri koritu, 8th March at 21.30

Bridge Markland
Performance: "bridgeland zwei" (two)
(German-English, 55 minutes)
The performance "bridgeland zwei" is a bisexual bilingual performance where the author performs various female and male roles with social-critical attitude and plays around with sexual stereotypes. Gender roles are changed as quickly as if changing underwear.

Club Monokel, 8th March at 21.00

Opening Documentary - photographic exhibition: Balkan Kings of Disguise
Authors: Nada Žgank, Del LaGrace Volcano and Iztok Dimc
Curator of the exhibition: Ana Marija Kanc
To become or to be a king of disguise means for a woman to put on man's clothes as well as a role where you, a woman appropriate male character.

Menza pri koritu, 8th March at 22.30

Concert: Yumi Yumi
Japanese all-girls duo plays pop-electro-punk-rock.

+ DJ Flash Goran (1000 women's voices)

Club Gromka, 8th March at 23.00

Play: Meštirix
Theatrical miniature for four women, a bag and a black box.
Playing authors themselves: Mojca Dimec, Mojca Funkl,Maruša Geymayer-Oblak, Barbara Krajnc
+ DJ Nataša (music from the heart)

Galery Alkatraz, 9th March at 20.00

Opening of photographic installation Changes by Kristina Lenard
Artistic project Changes is a product of exploration of changes that arise from crucial life's points and with dislocation from a familiar surrounding.The focus of her investigation is the changeless person's attitude towards different places' changes.

Menza pri koritu, 9th March at 20.00

Documentary-artistic video: VITA
Author: Vita Žgur
Editing: Damjan Berkopec
Length: 7'53"
Production: Artcenter
"Video is a product of selfportraying, of my illness during two years. The idea about the project comes from dreams which became the starting point of my treatement…"(Vita Žgur)

Menza pri koritu, 9th March at 20.15

Documentary video: BAKA
Authors: Goran in Karlo Medjugorac, Nataša Serec
Editing: Nataša Serec, Goran Medjugorac
Production: KUD Mreža
A video-document about the ninety years old grandmother who lives in town where two nations meets each other, and two centuries meets in grandmother's life.

Menza pri koritu, 9th March at 21.00

Cinema-club Invisible presents Her Story

Film: The Times of Anika
Yugoslavia, 1954, 35mm, 87 min
Director: Vladimir Pogačić
Written by: Vladimir Pogačić
Music: Krešimir Baranovic
Cast: Milena Dapčević-Vrsajkov, Mirko Milisavljević, Milan Ajvaz, Bratislav Grbić, Bosiljka Boci, Evka Milulić
Production: Avala Film
Anika loves only one man who, carries a deep complex in him and is not able to return her the love. So she takes many adventures with other men, she is loved but cannot love back. Her tragic death reflects the tragedy of her life.

Club Gromka, 10th March at 01.00

DJ Skabina

Club Gromka, 10th March at 21.00
Mostovna Nova Gorica, 11th March at 21.00

Cinema-club iNVISIBLE presents Her Story

Venezuela, 2002, 35mm, 14 min
Director, writer: Reyther Ortega
Cast: Olga Ruiz, Tomasa Leroy, Maria Angelica Davila, Alfredo Medina
In a small town in the middle of nowhere, Miguelina waits for her husband while weaving baskets in silence. Macaria and neighbours start blaming her for the draught that destroys the town, believing that she might be possesed by evil.

Delivery day
Australia, 2000, 35mm, 26 min
Director: Jane Manning
Written by: Khoa Do
Cast: Deborah le, Jazz Ly
Trang must attend her school's parent and teacher evening with her mother, but it also happens to be delivery day for her mother's factory and everyone is busy.

De mesmer con amor o te para dos [From Mesmer, with Love or Tea for Two]
Mexico, 2002, 35 mm, 9 min
Directors: Salvador Aguirre, Alejandro Lubezki
Written by: Alejandro Lubezki
Cast: Ari Brickman, Fabiana Perzabal, Emilio Echevarria, Muni Lubezki
Alberto resorts to disturbing and extravagant practices to break through the shell if his loneliness and fulfill his desires.

Women's Stories
Portugal, 2002, 35mm, 26 min
Director: Goncalo Luz
Written by: Regina Morais, Barbara Doria
Cast: Ana Bustorff, Maria Joao Luis, Virgilio Castelo
Sonia and Branca are close friends unable of mutual communication.

Fremdkörper/Transposed Bodies
Germany, 2002, fotoroman, 35 mm, 28 min
Written and directed by: Katja Pratschke
Cast: Louis Marioth, Elias Zaghar, Oliver Elias, Patrick Von Blume, Vera Baranyai, Sara Kneer, Grazyna Kania
"Transposed Bodies" is the story of two inseparable friends, Jan and Jon, who are jealous of each others physical and mental capacities. They both fall in love with Marie and Marie falls in love with them.

Swiss 2000, 35mm, 27 min
Directed by: Anna Luif
Written by: Anna Luif
Cast: Marina Guerrini, Samuel Weiss, Susanne-Marie Wrage, Lucy Marthaler
What does it feel like to be 13, having to spend summer holidays at home? You can go to the pool, read magazines and sink into boredom? oOr fall madly in love for the first time.

Club Gromka, 10th March at 23.00

Play: ŠPOHTL GIRLZ, comedy, 2003
Idea, project planning and cast: Renata Vidic in Petra Markovic
A story tells about two girls miss Maja and miss Aprila who, after a brief career as models end up as physical workers of all kinds.

+ DJane Hellga (EtnoElectroElektric)

Menza pri koritu, 10th March at 22.00

KAMERA REVOLTA: Bunnies on Strike
Documentary film
(Directed by: Sara Sjegers, The Netherland, Dutch-English)
A record of a street demonstration against violence over women.

• Step Up and Be Vocal, Interviews zu Queer Punk und Feminismus in San Francisco
(1999, Germany, 60', German-English)
Rocumentary about lesbian and feministic music scene in San Francisco. Interviews with Lynn Breedlove [Tribe 8, Schriftstellerin], Matt Wobensmith [Outpunk Zine und Label, Queercorps Label], Jody Bleyle [Candy-Ass Records, Team Dresch, Hazel], The Psychic Sluts [Queer Performance Gruppe], Wendy-O Matic [Spoken Word Künstlerin], Laura Litter [Fabulous Disaster], Mia d´Bruzzi [Mudwimin, Fabulous Disaster], Anna Joy [Blatz, Cyper in the Snow, The Gr´ups, Schriftstellerin].

Menza pri koritu, 11th March at 20.00

• Bunnies on Strike: Public presentation, a discussion about the project and movements (Riotgrrrl) and artists (Dhr Fatale). Discussion about the current situation of Riotgrrrl, Ladyfest and other "do-it-yourself" projects in Europe.

Club Gromka, 11th March at 22.00

Poetic night with Noemi

+ female Dee-jays from Radio Student

Menza pri koritu,11th March at 22.00
Mostovna Nova Gorica, 12th March at 22.00

Concert: Allun noise-rock duo; their concerts are filled with many a dress's changes and performances, thus making them extremely visual appealing.

Menza pri koritu, 11th marec ob 23.00

Performance: Bunnies on Strike
Performance about female and personal political questions that is enriched with reading
and speaches.

Menza pri koritu, 11th March at 23.30
Mostovna Nova Gorica, 12th March at 23.00

Concert: MOTORAMA - energetic dirty-garage rock'n'roll that causes serious hip movements.

+ DJ Tina Lenasi (punk, noise)

Mostovna Nova Gorica, 12th March at 20.00

• Book presentation by Varja Velikonja : When we wake up dead
(Publisher: Vizibilija)

Menza pri koritu, 12th March at 22.00

Concert: Violetta Beauregarde is an artistic name of a young Swiss girl who amuzes herself with pushing and turning buttons on a children's synthesizer that was bought for 10 euro. She produces crazy sounds strengthened by her screaming voice.

Club Gromka, 12th March at 23.30

• Concert: Noc majhnih ribicaa (fusion with Jelena, Minka, Kate and friends)

+DJ Draž (music of a moment)

Menza pri koritu, 12th March at 23.30

Closing of Festival with Dee-jay's Circus Show By Miss Zora And Miss Mrak
Zakljucek festivala z didžejskimi cirkusancijami gospodicne Zore in gospodicne Mrak

Rope walkers, who chase the balance between cabaret and rock's abysses belong to dee-jay's circus artists of world's range.

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