8th - 12th March: AKC Metelkova mesto (Menza pri koritu, Club Gromka, Club Monokel,
Gallery Alkatraz)
10 th - 12 th March: Mostovna, Nova Gorica
6 th March : MC Podlaga, Sežana

Organization: KUD MREŽA, AKC Metelkova mesto

• MC Podlaga, Sežana/ www.mcpodlaga.com
• Mostovna, Nova Gorica/ www.masovna.org
• Klub Gromka, Ljubljana/www.metelkova.org/gromka
• Klub Monokel, Ljubljana/www.ljudmila.org/lesbo/monokel.htm
• Kino Klub iNVISIBLE

Women's festival named Rdeče zore was organised for the first time in year 2000 by KUD Mreža. Four festival's sites were placed at AKC Metelkova mesto. Already the next year,drawn in by the programme and mode of work, some other places in Slovenia - MC Podlaga (Sežana), Pekarna magdalenske mreže (Maribor) and Mostovna (Nova Gorica) - took part in the festival, thus giving to the festival and its idea new dimensions. In spite of the festival's territorial, programme and time swing Rdeče zore with its voluntary, artistic, cultural and political charge does not leave the frontiers of marginal and remains exactly what it wants to be - a women's pocket festival.
The roots of Rdeče zore are autochthon female creativeness of AKC Metelkova mesto which , from the early beginnings widens horizons and enriches experiences with international participation of spectacular heterogeneous female artists and activists (coming mainly from ex-Yugoslavian Republics and Eastern European countries). With its constructive - do-it-yourself - principle festival Rdeče zore supports and unites those female creators whose unique and original way of expression presents an active way of expressing their beliefs, views, criticism and emotions. Therefore all the planning. organisation, co-ordination and realisation of the festival reflects entirely women's work.
The name of the festival was taken from a children's book named Rdeča Zora. Rdeča Zora is the name of a beautiful, young, red-haired partisan rebel heroine. Right so "rebelliously" beautiful seems to be the creativeness, work and socialising with female artists and activists, whose daring and original acts question beforehand determined natural and social determinants of femininity and manhood.
In Slovenian language expression "rdeče zore" marks another phenomenon namely, red coloured sky at sun-rise - the symbol of engaged future for us, female creators of the festival.

The fifth festival Rdeče zore will take place between 6th and 13th March 2004, displaying women's artists and co-creators of the festival to the audience through concerts, exhibitions, plays, performances, artistic video films, presentations and lectures.


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