International women's festival Red Dawns was launched by counter-cultural center Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2000. This fourth time, we meet same place and same time: Metelkova mesto on Saturday, March 8th 2003. And we spread like plague: Red Dawns IV take place also at Sežana’s MC Podlaga, Nova Gorica’s Mostovna and Maribor’s Pekarna magdalenske mreže.


Red Dawns annually invite women artists who are actively voicing their visions, politics, opinions and feelings through any media. We support women who express their creativity in self-organized ways, capturing the do-it-yourself ethic of constructive rebellion against capitalist consumption of our voices.

Festival’s ideal ground is to unite the strength of women activists and artists in order to demonstrate the possibility of a festival that is produced, organized and performed by women - for anyone interested.

The title and motto of Red Dawns is taken from Kurt Held's novel . Zora wore beautiful red hair and her daringly witty, anarchist attitude inspired many struggles. Red Dawns host women artists and activists whose work is subversively beautiful in their brave-hearted questioning of supposed natural and social determinants of women's femininity - and supposed men's masculinity.

Red-headed Zora carries double meanings: in Slovene language, her name stands for ‘dawn' which can aswell note the promise of a better tomorrow - for everyone.

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