Milena Kosec and Anja Šmajdek

05 May 10 19:00 > 21 May 10 20:00 Gifts – giving and receiving
Travelling exhibition and the process of giving and receiving gifts.

Cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 5th May, 2010 at 7p.m., and a discussion Gift and Giving on Monday, 17th May at 6p.m.  

Opening hours of Alkatraz Gallery::
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     Fri:    15.00 - 23.00


Milena Kosec is inviting the citizens of Ljubljana as well as passers-by to actively participate at the exhibition by giving away unwanted gifts you have received, but do not want or need them, or do not want to keep them at home, but would like to actively participate in an art process, creating this exhibition. You can either donate or exchange your presents for the already exhibited ones, or simply take away from the exhibition the ones you want.  

Anja Šmajdek is inviting you to take away a piece of the statue Desetnica (The Tenth Female Child). The statue has been conceived as to resemble the bread, of which a slice concealing a ring is given to The Tenth Female Child in the family – the present being the sake for her to leave home. It is a work of art interactively created with the audience.