Goran Medjugorac

10 Jun 09 17:00 > 01 Jul 09 20:00 Na poti (On the road) - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The opening will take place at 17.00 in Alkatraz Gallery and Menza pri Koritu.

Cheap equipment and low technical standards are the main lead of the project On the road, but nevertheless the installation primarily aims to aesthetic, both visual and musical The project was created by Goran Medjugorac, Slovene artist living and working in Tigre-Argentina for past two years, in cooperation with Laura Menendez, Argentinian anthropologist who finished her studies in Ljubljana.

At 20.00 the opening will be followed by a performance by Goran Medjugorac and the Reconciliation Orchestra featuring Ivo Poderžaj, Arnold Marko and Boris Vlajić. Traditional thank you from the artist to the Cultural Nunciature of the Republic of Slovenia and melancholic reconciliating performance in hope for better post-crisis tomorrow

The project was realised in cooperation with KUD Mreža and with support of Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenes Abroad.

Photography - Goran Medjugorac
Video - Laura Menendez, Goran Medjugorac
Design - Karlo Medjugorac