Tejal Shah in Waheeda Mallulah

07 Okt 07 20:00 > 14 Okt 07 24:00 13th International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women
Tejal Shah (Indija) in Waheeda Mallulah (Bahrajn): Do It! free admission
Tejal Shah: What Are You?, video installation
Waheeda Mallulah: Stopped Ball, installation

The exhibition entitled Do It! encompasses a video installation What Are You? by the Indian artist Tejal Shah, together with the Stopped Ball space installation by Bahraini artist Waheeda Mallulah. Their works reveal a changed perception of reality and different models of social values in which the artists address the exclusion of social groups, for example women from sports such as football, or transsexuals from representation in contemporary western society and politics. As a matter of fact, women play football in Bahrain and on the subcontinent men can marry male transsexuals (hijra) who are perceived as a third gender.

More about the programme : http://www.cityofwomen.org/2007/festival/

Press photos: http://www.cityofwomen.org/gallery/